What does elaborate mean? It means something that has been executed with a lot of detail to minuteness.

Noun: –elaborateness

Adjective: -nonelaborate

Sentence Examples: –

  •         Are you looking to plan an elaborate shindig? If so, then it is time for you to dismantle your plans and look into some other avenue of celebration.
  •         If you want to go for a wedding, do not wear an elaborate dress, where something that you are comfortable in without any compromises on the fashion.
  •         With just simple ingredients, my mother has the capability of making an elaborate dish.
  •         When it was the turn of the defendant for cross examination, he went on an elaborate rant on how he was nowhere in the scene of the crime. However, CCTV footage had led to the defendant being held guilty by the jury.
  •         The Christmas lights in our house were elaborate, so much so that some of the neighbors started complaining about the brightness.

·         We always undertake elaborate decorations during the Christmas season in the outside of our house. It leads to a lot of Christmas cheer.