Having the best rollaway bed by your side

If you frequently have guests over, it is very important for you to make them the proper accommodation facility within the confines of your house. It is better for you to invite them to stay over, and when you do so, it is very important for you to provide some sort of bedding facilities that provides a lot more flexibility than anticipated. There are different kinds of gas beds that you can find in the market, starting from the futons to the rollaway beds. Purchasing the best rollaway bed is obviously something that you need to do in order to take proper care of your guests.rollaway bed

Indeed, there is always a probability of purchasing good quality rollaway beds from the market that are not only of a good design, but also have a certain brand name behind the manufacturing.

However, for a person to be satisfied, they could even get good quality product from their local merchants without having to consider the cost of the product. The comfortable sleep is what needs to be achieved with the best rollaway bed that you purchase with your frugal budget.

Nevertheless, you would be able to find a lot of stylish rollaway beds in the market. Most of them offer different degrees of varying comfort, some of them provide a certain amount of elevation of the bed from the floor, and there are some that are extremely flat and lie on the floor itself. There are some models that can be easily deflated, and there are also some which resemble the air beds. So, you need to be comfortable and find out the best rollaway bed that would be suitable to your style. It needs to this place in the comfort of sleeping in a proper bed with that of artificial bedding for the guests.

Meal Planning Made Easy

The idea of meal planning has run in cycles over the past few years. About three or four years ago I was very much into the idea of meal planning, and freezer cooking. I planned out meals three months in advance and would make up many of the meals ahead of time and stash them in the freezer. At this time I only had four people to cook for, but two of them were little people with very little opinion on the meals I prepared. A lot has changed since then.

We now have four children, and I am also now a full time stay at home mom. You would think that I have it all together by now in the meal planning department. This is absolutely not true at all. It seems that dinnertime sneaks up on me a lot these days and the question of the hour is, “What’s for dinner?”Related image

I am going to try my best during the month of July to start meal planning again. Here are some tips to help make the meal planning process less difficult, and will help save you time, money, and aggravation. When I plan my meals I try to use as many things that I have on hand as possible. I don’t tend to like to have to make unplanned trips to the grocery store. Though there have been occasions that I realized midway through making a recipe that I was missing a key ingredient.

Dinner time tends to be a busy time at our house. The act of actually thinking about what to make for dinner is sometimes too much of a mental task, especially when I have a baby crawling around or a toddler streaking through the house. Sometimes even the best laid plans still fall through, but the intent was there, and the kids still get fed. However, without a plan the variety of meals tends to dwindle back to one or two items. I don’t know about you, but I can only eat so much spaghetti, and sandwiches. Here are some tips to simplify your meal planning process and help answering the question of, “What’s for dinner?” easier to answer.

Step 1: Take an inventory of your freezer and pantry

Freezer Inventory

Use my free freezer inventory sheet to take an inventory of what you have on hand. You may want to write this down so it’s easier to remember when you are meal planning. (If there is not much in your freezer, you might not need to do this.) We have a side by side refrigerator freezer and a small standing freezer in our kitchen; therefore I likely will have a larger stock of items on hand than someone with just a small freezer. Looking in your freezer might just give you some ideas for meals. I had no idea how much bacon I had in my freezer before I took inventory.

Pantry Inventory

You may want to do an inventory of your pantry as well. I tend to make more of a mental note of this because it is easier to open my cabinets and check these items than it is to get to the back of my freezer.

Step 2: Make of List Family Favorites and Other Meal Ideas

Gather the family around and have the family make suggestions of their favorite meals. Try to create a list of at least 20-25 meals. Later you can highlight the meals that can be made with the items you already have on hand. However don’t be limited to only proven favorites, try to pick one or two new recipes also. Don’t be afraid to be a little creative and change things up, especially if a new recipe uses up items you have in your freezer or pantry.

Step 3: Check your calendar.
Determine your busy nights, and write in special occasions like birthdays, and date nights that you are aware of.

Step 4: Write your meals on the calendar.

As you can see I used a regular notebook, but in the past I have done it on a Google Calendar so a reminder pops up on my phone. The best advice I can give to anyone is to keep your planning method simple or you will not stay with it. I only plan dinner because breakfast is usually cereal or toast, and lunch is typically sandwiches.


Make recipes that contain your items that you already have on hand a priority in your meal planning. For example if you have a lot of ground beef in your freezer you might want to plan on having tacos prior to something that you will need to purchase. I try to plan on using fresh produce before canned items, to cut down on waste. In addition, plan on having at least one leftover night, and possibly a sandwich or soup night (depending on the time of year). Plan these according to your schedule. Having a meal plan does not mean you will be cooking a four course meal every night. In fact you might find that planning ahead cuts down on the amount of cooking/ and shopping that you need to do.

Step 4 -Make a Grocery List

At the beginning of each week-add items that you need for your meal plan to your grocery list so you are not surprised when you need them. I write my list in a notebook, but there are some great apps you can use on your phone. Whichever works best for you? I try to be as consistent as possible in following through with my meal plan, but sometimes I am not in the mood for the item on the menu or schedules change. Therefore, I just switch the menu, even if we end up eating out.

Frugal Friday- Cutting the Cord on Cable

I used to love watching cable, but the truth was that I only watched about three or four channels, along with the cartoons that my kids watched almost constantly. Seven months ago we cut the cord on cable and have not looked back since. Here are some tips that made life easier for everyone while cutting the cord on cable.

Internet: Though we cut the cord on cable, but didn’t go completely off grid. We discovered that with high speed WiFi there still are many options for entertainment if you are willing to be flexible.Related image

Movies and TV**

The obvious options for movies and TV shows online are Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. All of these are paid subscriptions if watching recent shows is important to you. So far we have tried to stay away from a subscription and have opted for free services such as tubitv.com and YouTube. Tubitv.com is a website that hosts older TV shows, I was surprised to find a few shows that I used to watch on cable, and many more I had never heard of. One benefit of YouTube is the variety of content available for a variety of ages. My older girls really enjoy watching educational videos, cooking videos, and cartoons. My son pretty much just watches cartoons. There are so many creative, fun, and educational videos available. I have found many options for myself for personal improvement and entertainment. My favorite type of video right now are vlogs about freezer cooking, canning, and preserving. I also enjoy videos about saving money, and home management.


Two of the major cable news networks like CNN, and Fox News both have online talk radio, and sometimes rebroadcast some of their regular shows online, in addition to their regular programming. There are also many other sources for news They also show a great many clips of their shows, on their websites.

DVDS- You may already have a good collection of DVDs for your family that everyone loves to watch.
Digital converter box/ or digital antenna: I have not had the opportunity to try these options, but my parents have a digital converter box, and are able to pick up three or four local channels.

Get a library card- Your local library is wonderful source of entertainment and information. In addition to their regular book collections, libraries often lend our DVDS and audio books.

Cutting the cord on cable may take some getting used to, but there are plenty of options to provide entertainment for the entire family. So cutting the cord doesnt necessarily mean going dark in the digital entertainment arena. It actually gives you many options to choose from.